A Virtual Serenade... With A Personal Touch

1) Pick a Song. Choose the soundtrack to your serenade.

2) Pick a Package. Use our crafted slideshow or animation, provide your pictures for a custom slideshow, or go all out with a limited-edition custom animation!

3) Provide A Personal Greeting. Record your own video greeting (up to 30 seconds), or let us do it for a nominal additional fee.

4) Deliver the wow! Serenade anyone, for any reason, anywhere in the world.

apb The Righteous Brothers

(Male Lead)

apb The Righteous Brothers

(Female Lead)

apb Carole King

(Female Lead)

apb James Taylor

(Male Lead)

apb Ed Sheeran

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You pick the song and provide a 30-second video greeting for your valentine. We provide a pre-crafted slideshow with imagery focused on romance or friendship (your choice).

Our slideshow package with YOUR memories! Provide us with your photo memories and we set them to music! Finish with your personalized 30-second video greeting

Example of Slideshow Video Format

We make you and your valentine into the stars of an animated video story, related to your song choice, created by us.* Finish with your personalized 30-second video greeting.

(No further personalization available other than your avatars)

(Limited to two orders only!)

Our animation package tailored for you and your valentine. We animate you and recreate up to five of your shared memories in a video unique to you both! A perfect way to propose to your forever love!

Example Of Animated Video Format

If you have *any* questions about the process, click here to contact us!